Press Release: A Church and Community Based Project of CARE at CCS Village

Church and Community Based Project of CARE at CCS Village

New Horizons Program for Supporting and Promotion of CARE GIVING PROGRAMS for all generations


Beginning May, 2013, CCS located at 118 Drive In Crescent, is offering a registration of PAY IT FORWARD CARE.

Gail Acton, author and originator of the PSW program, and community developer of Abigail Homes views the decreasing health dollars for home care, and institutional care, as a reason for our communities to become leaders in a VOLUNTEER PAY IT FORWARD CARE PROGRAM.


1) It turns our focus away from ourselves.  Instead of the usual thought pattern of “How can I benefit from this?” or “What’s in it for me?”, the question of the day is more like, “How can I create a little happiness for someone?” or “How can something I do let someone know, with no strings attached, that kindness is still present in others?”

2) It’s centred around giving rather than taking.  I think taking is fine.  Taking or receiving is what we do when someone gives us a gift.  It’s certainly what drives most dreams — we go out and claim it, and make it happen, both are forms of taking.  But giving — the ability to give — is a gift unto itself. 

3) It’s joyful both ways.  Doing something nice for a perfect stranger can generate an unmatched feeling of pure joy.  As well, being on the receiving end where you least expect to find kindness, feels a lot like hot cocoa and a soft, warm blanket on a stormy day. The concept is a new one in that, as a volunteer, your hours of care will be recorded, donated, or used for your own care when necessary. All ages will be able to serve a need within the CARE community, AND MATCHES WILL BE MADE ON AVAILABILITY. Church Communities may contact Gail Acton for more information on participation in this event.


·         Contact Name: Gail Acton, RR#5 Owen Sound Ontario N4K 5N7

·         Phone 519-376-7396 Fax:


Saturday April 27, 2013 11-2 PM OPEN HOUSE, COME and GO.
Refreshments at CCS, attending will be Larry Miller, MP, 11:30



The New Underclass: Why a Generation of Well-Educated, Ambitious, Smart Young Canadians has no Future

Macleans recently covered the difficult plight of many young people in Canada. In spite of solid education, a large percentage of graduates in their 20s and beyond continue to struggle. Read the full story here:


Re: Toronto Star headline: Ontario to consider co-payments, based on income for home care services, currently provided at no cost to provincial seniors.

Deb Matthews comments: “We need to have a discussion of what is fair.” Well Deb Matthews has misspent money from the Ontario Tax Payers for Ornge, Ehealth, and worse than any dollars mentioned, has been the abuse, neglect and persecution pushed upon the vulnerable seniors in their own homes.

Let us have an open, fair discussion about the abuse of the CCACs, and not the propaganda they spew to seniors.

Firstly, 80% of every health home care dollar is funneled through Local Health Integrated Networks (LHINs). Then we have Community Care Access Centres (CCACs), the great overseer and abuser of service, and ultimately the seniors who are supposedly the recipients of 20% of every dollar directed for home health care, while the service provider of this system, the PSW, is another victim in the Drama Triangle of Home Health Care.

Ms. Matthews is now trying to sell the victim on yet another false scheme of the Ontario Government.  In the study of delivery of this service, let us look carefully at the wages of the LHINS, CCACs and the Contractors in our communities. You will find an abuse triangle with a vortex that is sucking the life out of seniors desperate to have care in their home. The worst offender of this home care Agency, the third in line for the 80% miss-spending, is the Red Cross. It is not enough that we woke up too late on the tainted blood issues, but now that we are going to have people die at the hands of their NO service providers.

Veterans Affairs have a long history and solid reputation of delivery of home care service to the ones who have served our country. The model works here in Ontario, and there are other versions of direct service to people who need and require assistance to live in a humane fashion in Ontario in 2013.  The system of Deb Matthews, the Health Minister, has created a Bermuda Triangle, known by some as the Devil’s Triangle. The highly paid CCACs and AGENCIES are operating like the Indian Chiefs, with huge salaries and no accountability or transparency.

On New Year’s Eve, I was asked if I could help a senior lady who is partially blind, disabled from childhood, suffers from a loss of hearing, loss of teeth, and loss of caregivers. She was supposedly being cared for by nurses provided by Red Cross, and later Care Partners, bought by the Red Cross.  I found a small shell of a human being, fighting for her life from a couch set up in her living room where she has laid full time for three years. She has been left in her own excrement, urine, and without even a hair shampoo or personal sponge bath for days, three and four at a time. The nurses, doctors, and personal support workers have all been pulled from caring for this woman, even though she has battled and won a decision from a tribunal instructing the CCACs, Red Cross and Care Partners that they must provide her with 4 hours of service a day. Who is watching? There is no accountability in this system.

If an agency, a government body, or an individual abused or neglected a child or an animal in this fashion, they would be convicted of a crime. This is a criminal activity.

Would someone please take this story and put it on the news, and in the hands of the opposition and health critic, Christine Elliott.

These people in the caring industry should be shamed into action or removed from positions of leadership.


NEGLECT, ABUSE, AND DISCRIMINATION SHOULD NOT BE THE INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR HEALTH CARE. The liberal provincial government has failed the elderly seniors.

Asking Seniors to pony up more dollars to fund a broken and highly needed investigation of CCACs and Red Cross deliverers of NO CARE is not the answer. I object. The humane society for animals would get better action than what this health care system has done for Josie.


PSWs: Do You Need Professional & General Liability Insurance, Even if You are Working in a Nursing Home as an Employee or Contracted Employee?

It has recently been brought to the association’s attention that Ontario Nursing Homes are managing/reducing their risk by transferring the onus of liability to the PSW by way of the employment contract. ALL PSW’s NEED TO MANAGE THEIR RISK IN THE DELIVERY OF CARE, EITHER IN A NURSING HOME OR IN THE COMMUNITY, AS AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR.

The transferring of the liability from the employer to the PSW can be done through your employment contract. Clauses which mention terms such as hold harmless or waiver of subrogation, could act in your favour or against you. When reviewing your contract you should pay particular attention to these clauses and understand completely if you are signing something in your favour or not.

The following is an example of how this could unfold:

  1. A PSW is hired by a nursing home, and in delivery of care to an elder resident of the nursing home, accidentally pushes the resident in their wheelchair without the foot stirrups in place. This results in the resident breaking a bone in their foot.
  2. The family of the resident sues the nursing home for negligence. Since the PSW had signed an employment contract with the nursing home, which contained clauses regarding the onus of liability, the nursing homes insurance carrier finds that the PSW should be responsible and they launch a lawsuit against the PSW for the amount of the suit.
  3. If the PSW operates as an individual, their personal assets could be seized and bankruptcy could occur.
  4. If they obtained their own insurance, this protects their interests and provides peace of mind that the personal assets they have worked so hard for will not be taken from them.

As a benefit to our membership we have been able to secure a provider of Commercial General Liability & Professional Liability for Certified Caregivers/Personal Support Workers. The cost is approximately $120.00 a month, but varies depending on the volume of work you perform. If your employer wants you to accept the liability while in their employ then you should consider negotiating increased compensation to accommodate this cost.

Finally, to practice what we have been preaching, neither MacDowell Insurance Brokers Limited, nor CCS, nor Gail Acton will accept any responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage (including consequential losses) which may be sustained by any individual and/or firm and/or organisation (whether incorporated or not) as a result of acting on any of this advice!

For more information, and to receive a no obligation quotation, please contact Paul Robertson of MacDowell Insurance Brokers Limited at 1-877-501-4646.


The Coming Student Debt Crisis

CNBC has created a new original program about the high levels of student debt in the United States. Though CNBC views the problem from an American perspective, Canada's college students are also spending more than ever before on education.

Growing student debt is a problem that affects all of us. For more information about the program, visit